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Tours to impressive towns in Northern Germany along the Baltic Sea

Travel with an experienced guide to the World Heritage Sites of Luebeck, Stralsund and also Schwerin, the capital of the federal county Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

  • Luebeck the Queen of the Hanse
    A stroll brings you to the famous gate "Holsten-Tor", to the St. Mary's church as an outstanding example of northern German Gothic brick architecture, to the Holy Ghost Hospital – an example of a place of medieval care for poor people, to the "Schiffergesellschaft" – a guild house with an impressive grand hall inside and the "Buddenbrookhaus" made world-famous by Thomas Mann's novel "The Buddenbrooks".
  • Stralsund – Venice of the North
    Stralsund’s historical city centre is especially interesting due to the city's layout which has been maintained since the Middle Ages and its direct position at the harbour. It is worth seeing the architecture from the Hanseatic period: huge brick stone churches with impressive interiors, the town hall with its famous facade and the monastery of the Dominicans and Franciscans (monks)
  • Schwerin – once a royal residence, now the county's capital
    A part of our city walk includes the fairytale castle in Schwerin´s Lake District, the "Old Gardens" with the state theatre and museum, "Schlossstrasse" with its impressive government buildings, the market square and cathedral (which towers above its surroundings) and the historical architecture around the "Pfaffenteich".
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