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A special day out:
Red bricks in Wismar–Solar Garden in Wietow

Morning in the Hanseatic town of Wismar

  • Experience the lure of Brick Gothic in the Hanseatic town of Wismar. Let us take you on a guided tour of the town's architectural highlights, including the medieval Alter Schwede, St. George's Church and the Fürstenhof.
  • In the appropriate surroundings of the huge tower of the St. Marys Church, you'll have the chance to watch the film "Bruno Backstein", a 3D animation about a medieval church building site.
  • Enjoy walking around the narrow streets of the town center and take in the maritime flair of the harbour. To satisfy your hunger, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy the regional cuisine in a variety of restaurants and cafés.

... and the afternoon in the Solar Garden at Wietow

  • In the afternoon you can spend time in the Solar Centre at Wietow, situated 5 km from Wismar amongst Mecklenburg's vibrant scenery, which forms part of BUGA 2009 (the German Federal Horticultural Show).
  • The "House of the Future", a biotope with three environments including tundra and sub-tropic zones, and the lovingly renovated manor house (which now functions as a conference centre and hotel run entirely on renewable energies), form the basis of your highly informative visit there.
  • Afterwards, enjoy a leisurely walk along the rural pathways around the centre and take a break at their café.

If required, we can gladly organize transport between Wismar and Wietow.

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