Tours, Presentations, Guided Tours
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Tours of the historical part of the town according to theme of your choice

  • Wismar Specials – BUGA 2009
    Red bricks in Wismar – Solar Garden in Wietow…
  • Wismar – valuable to the world
    Experience the city's treasures of art, history and culture
  • The Klosterformat-Tour
    Paths to Gothic brick architecture
  • The merchant house – typical for Wismar
    Come and see Wismar’s merchant houses from the outside and inside
  • Sparkling delicacies!
    Wismar – the town of beer and sparkling wine
  • St. Georges Special
    The impressive rebuilding project of a medieval church
  • A meeting with Gothic brick architecture
    Visit an exhibition of a medieval church building site and hear the story of "Burnt Greatness" – buildings of power
  • Wismar – pictures of a town
    Experience an exhibition of Wismar’s history in the medieval vaulted cellar halls of the town hall
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